A Fine Girl
A FINE GIRL follows Brandi Jarrow, a 27-year old trans woman of color from New Orleans, as she takes the personal and professional success she has achieved as a hairstylist, and works to open an inclusive luxury salon. The film is a joyful, optimistic portrait of what's possible when we include and uplift trans people as essential contributors to our community.
Darcy McKinnon
Co-Director, Producer
Darcy McKinnon is a documentary filmmaker, ED of the New Orleans Video Access Center, and co-founder of All Y’all, the Southern Documentary Collective with Elaine McMillion Sheldon. In addition to A FINE GIRL, she is currently producing two feature docs: NEUTRAL GROUND (ITVS), with director CJ Hunt, about the removal of New Orleans’ confederate monuments; Nailah Jefferson’s COMMUTED, about Danielle Metz, a New Orleans woman whose triple life sentence was commuted after 23 years in prison.
Biliana Grozdanova
Co-Director, Editor
Biliana Grozdanova is a documentary filmmaker with 8 years of production experience. In 2012, she founded El Jinete Films and has co-directed two feature music documentaries, ORTIGUERA and THE LAST KAMIKAZIS OF HEAVY METAL, as well as the VR short ALL ON A MARDI GRAS DAY, currently in festival rotation. In addition to A FINE GIRL, she is in development of a documentary series THE GOLDEN RECORD, tracking the cultural impact of the global catalog of songs on NASA’s Voyager Golden Record project.