Bee Together
Work in progress
In China, beekeepers are constantly on the move in order to find a good source of honey for their bees and good financial returns. But the industry is facing many challenges due to climate change and monoculture farming. This film follows a young beekeeper, Xiao Long, and his family as they migrate with bees in search of honey, witnessing the survival of beekeepers in the face of an ecological crisis.
Pan Zhiqi
Pan Zhiqi is a documentary filmmaker. His work focuses on the living conditions of ordinary people in the rapidly developing Chinese society and immigration. Bee-Together focuses on the survival of beekeepers under the influence of climate change. 24th Street and Paradise Garden (in production) won the 2015 and 2018’s “The Asian Pitch” and was co-produced by NHK (Japan), KBS (South Korea) and PTS (Taiwan). The documentary 24th Street was selected for the feature length competition at IDFA2017 and nominated for best documentary at the 55th Taipei Golden Horse Awards.
Jia Zhao
Jia Zhao is a Chinese producer based in Amsterdam. She founded MUYI FILM and SILK ROAD FILM SALON, the latter co-founded with Afghan filmmaker Aboozar Amini. Utilizing “tailor-made” resources from the East and West, Jia focuses on authentic stories of international impact. In 2021, ‘A Marble Travelogue’ by Sean Wang was selected for IDFA Frontlight and ‘I’m So Sorry’ (co-producer) by Zhao Liang for the Cannes film festival. ‘Inner Landscape’ by Frank Scheffer was the closing film for IFFR2019. From 2015 to 2019 her works ‘Mr. Hu and the Temple’, ‘Fallen Flowers Thick Leaves’, ‘Lady of the Harbour’, ‘Kabul, City in the Wind’ (Special Jury Award, Opening Film IDFA2018), and ‘Smog Town’ (co-producer) were selected for IDFA competitions five times in a row. ‘The Crow Is Beautiful’ (co-director) was selected for IDFA2017 Masters.