George and George on the Lake
George and George are both 83. Every summer they sail together on the Mazury lakes in north-east Poland, happy with the simplicity of life, the beauty of nature and their friendship. One of them is getting weak- his hands tremble and his balance is off. The second George gently takes care of his friend. This may be their last summer together on the lake. The film shares an intimate image of friendship and of the beauty of life with a twist of humor.
Piotr Malecki
Piotr Malecki is a photojournalist who started documentary filmmaking. For his first series of web shorts Piotr was awarded 2-nd prize Multimedia Photographer of the Year at the POYi 2012 contest in USA. His documentary “Out of the Blue” premiered at the 2015 DOK Leipzig festival and received awards and international nominations at other international festivals.