The Songbirds of Aceh
In one of the strictest Muslim states in the world, an all-female teenage Muslim choir tackles gender inequality and Islamic extremism using nothing more than their voices in song.
Aminda Faradilla
Director, Producer
Aminda Fara oversees production and content development at Dosfellas. She has over 10 years of experience in production having produced programmes for Al Jazeera, National Geographic Channel, NHK and Channel NewsAsia. She was instrumental in developing the original series “Secret Tribes” for Channel News Asia. In 2014, her film “Ida’s Choice” was awarded the Best Documentary at the Freedom Film Festival and screened at the Europe – Vietnamese Film Festival, Hanoi in 2015. Fara frequently attends international documentary film festivals and markets and is constantly seeking international co-production partners and opportunities.
Jean Chang
Jean Chang is an up and coming producer and director, having worked with international broadcasters like the Channel NewsAsia, Al Jazeera, NHK and the Crime and Investigation Network. She is recognised for her ability to adapt, whether it be speaking to sex workers in Malaysia's red light district, drug addicted fishermen on Malaysia's East Coast to high profile politicians and academics. Her breadth of work is diverse, ranging from travel shows and creative documentaries to investigative documentaries. Her most recent project, Head Above Water, premiered at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Festival 2018.